Je$u$ On Paper

We are all so intent on finding the great conspiracy of our society that we’ve been blinded to evident realities. Seemingly, there would have to be something hidden if so many agree that there is. There are countless notions of what the big, dark, secret agendas are, but maybe there is only one particular thing that subtly nags at each of us, begging us to try to figure it out. Maybe it is more grand and sweeping than even the most outrageous of theories. Maybe it is also as plain and clear as any universally known truth, as pictures of mountain lake beds through pristine waters. Maybe the overwhelming nervousness in Capitalism is that it is Fascism, but it is ruled cruelly by a notion less than human, something that lacks empathy and decency and conscience. Maybe we are at the mercy of a demagogue more merciless than any living creature who has ever come to power, more heartless than any living creature could ever be, the ominous motive that drove the worst of us to be the horrors they were. We are under the stringent, absolute tyranny of cold, hard cash. We print our idol on cotton and linen, and we suffer it in our every thought.


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