At The Speed of Evolution

The collective consciousness, in many ways, changes at a faster rate than the individual minds of the masses. As a group, humanity is naturally more openly accepting of itself than any one person can be. Individuals are intrinsically only given one perspective by which to view all of humanity. This is why progress can only ever be regrettably gradual. It will always have people holding it back out of codependence with familiarity and the gripping fear that they will lose a world that they mistakenly believe they have found a way to understand, even if only in some small way. This is our tragic flaw, our greatest weakness, our brittle, fracturing inability to bend, to understand, to immediately value that which is seemingly unlike ourselves. Our minds, to protect our distorted versions of reality, will forever be reluctant to the evolution of our humanity. We hinder our own progress. If we could free ourselves of this reluctance, we would all be living in a kinder, gentler world.


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