Eating the Breadcrumbs

When will we stop perpetuating and romanticizing struggling by believing that it’s a rite of passage to success? If you can make it easier for someone else to succeed, you simply should. Forcing others to endure hardship does not make them more deserving of what they achieve, it just makes us assholes. Misery is not a prerequisite for happiness. We were just indoctrinated into this false understanding of existence from an early age so that we wouldn’t bitch about spending the majority of our lives working just to finally have a few relaxing years at an age we’re unable to enjoy them to their fullest extent. Maybe this will happen when we stop complaining that the next generations have it so much easier, isn’t that the fucking point? 

We carve out our way, then cover our tracks, and for this, we fail.

We destroy the path behind us. We inflict the archaic tortures we’ve braved onto others and force them to prove their worth, but we only succeed in slowing progress out of spite. This is our tradition. 


  1. It is sad that our mindset appears to be built in and we resent someone else not having to go through a time frame, hardship, or other hard time, we had to endure. For example, waiting until 21 to do anything, after all we had to wait, it won’t hurt them to wait too! Another example: we had to walk to school, they don’t need to be bussed! We could be happier if we just let everyone else just live and be happy, and be glad for them.

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