Just As Good As Anything: New Song from Joseph D. Newcomer of Mas Nova

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I rarely write new music these days, but I was recently inspired by the harrowing struggle of several amazing humans I know who are dealing with addiction. So, here’s a new original song. It probably won’t end up anywhere but here and on some social media posts, but if you like it, feel free to share it with whoever you want anywhere you want. It is posted on my Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube pages if it’s easier for you to share that way. Also, find more music from my old band, Mas Nova, below.

More from Mas Nova

On 10.31.20, Halloween 2020, MAS NOVA, my old band, will rerelease our 2006 album, Hollywood, with two additional bonus tracks. For the first time ever, it will be streaming in its entirety on all music platforms. The original and bonus tracks are also available to download on iTunes. In case you weren’t aware of Mas Nova, here is everything you need to know and more. I hope you all enjoy the album and our renditions of Real Life’s “Send Me An Angel” and “Mad World” by Tears For Fears & Gary Jules.

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In 2004, Erie, PA natives Joseph D. Newcomer, Jason Bean, Christopher Ottena, and Andrew Bruinsma formed a band based around a single riff that the raw, Van Halen and Grunge inspired, unorthodox guitar virtuoso, Jason Bean, created. Bean, Ottena, and Bruinsma were already playing in a band called Instant Evolution. Newcomer, being long time friends with Bruinsma and Ottena, came to see them rehearse. For that rehearsal, Bean brought an original riff he’d just written to contribute to Instant Evolution. It was a brash and elegantly raucous departure from their previous style and was dismissed as a potential new song for Instant Evolution by their current frontman, but Newcomer heard something in Bean’s riff that transcended the musicality of the band. After discussing his thoughts and vision for the style of music they were all already eager to play, Mas Nova was quickly realized. Bean’s riff would go on to be the driving sound for not only the title track of Mas Nova’s album, Hollywood, but also the entire, gritty, LA scene inspired, straight-forward rock soul of the band.

Once their sound was fleshed out and several more tracks were written, the band enlisted a pillar of the, at the time, thriving Erie, PA music scene, and owner of Diecaster Studios, Trevor Huster, to produce a five-song EP for Hollywood. Within a few days of beginning the scratch recordings, Trevor offered to put the band on his new indie label, Record Breaker Music, and record a full-length album. Tommy Jason Gary was added to the lineup during the recording, and their sound and style were fully cemented. Hollywood was released, on November 22, 2006. Trevor would also later join the band to round out the live sound with guitar, keys, and backup vocals. 

The band was known most for the stylistic bravado of their live performances, but after supporting the record with a couple of years of local and regional shows, a win in the national Ernie Ball Music Man Battle of the Bands, and an appearance at the Pittsburgh, PA stop of Van’s The Warped Tour, Mas Nova disbanded in 2008. They have put on a couple of reunion shows since then at the lost but never forgotten, storied rock club, Sherlock’s Park Place, in Erie, PA. 

Mas Nova’s lineup has changed a few times throughout the years. Previous members include Andrew Bruinsma and Andrew Corona. They were also fortunate enough to have had Ryan Krysiak and Ronnie Sutton, a couple of other incredible perennial members of the Erie music scene, join them for certain live performances. The most current lineup is Joseph D. Newcomer, vocals, Jason Bean, guitar, Chris Ottena, drums, Tommy Jason Gary, bass, and Trevor Huster, guitar and synthesizer.

With the 15 Year Anniversary, and a possible remaster of the album including a never before recorded song coming up next year, the band decided to release the full album in its original form to all music streaming platforms for the first time ever. The album is also now available on iTunes and anywhere else you purchase digital music. Also, for the first time ever, their renditions of “Send Me An Angel” by Real Life and “Mad World” by Tears for Fears & Gary Jules will be streaming everywhere and available for download. These two tracks were only ever included on a limited bonus tracks EP that was given away at their album release party on 11.22.06. Their haunting take on the Gary Jules version of “Mad World” from the movie Donnie Darko is the perfect track for a Halloween release during these strange times. 



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