Subjugation Ruling the Nation

I wonder about the type of person or entity that would be interested in grand declarations of faith, love, and loyalty. I wonder, and I imagine that a human, creature, or deity requiring such displays would be undeserving of them for the same reasons they require them. We are not the things that are demanded of us, not the people we feel we are demanded to be by anyone or any thing. In fact, we are most the thing that we would be had nothing been asked of us, expected of us, or demanded of us in the first place.


  1. Nice concept to absorb. One that’s hard to live, but one best absorbed.

    Funny, there is really and inner us and an outer us, not including our physical appearance just one we display, purport, share. But oftentimes we don’t even notice it

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      1. Our side by side living makes this a challenge to be sure.
        I think there are cultures or maybe subcultures that are closer to such living practices but even then…other people are involved 😂
        It’s human 🤷‍♀️
        But I agree, I wonder the same, I also like to think what the possibilities of such things might provide us. And then I get back to reality

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  2. Look now I don’t know about humans but no God or Goddess ever told you to worship her, love her or anything. You went and prayed to her and than you prayed again.

    Than like any other human you expected her to answer to your prayers, shower you with blessing and gifts that you desire but she didn’t asked you to go to her in the first place. You went and than you expected something in return and when you didn’t get it you got angry.


    1. Agreed, no Deity ever said anything to anyone. This is why I included people and entities (ideas created by people) I never went, I never asked, and I never got angry. People, Countries, Religions (again created by people), Clubs, Groups, Schools, Jobs, they all demand your allegiance, your loyalty, your faith. I’m just posing the question, what would we be without those demands, without those guides for our morality. Maybe worse, who knows. But I do know that this is a place for friendly exchanges of thought, and I’m now questioning your accusatory tone. I’m hoping that the tone is in error. If so, great. If not, please take it elsewhere.


        1. Okay, I understand. Simply put, if a physical thing or ideology demands one’s loyalty and allegiance instead of simply being something deserving of those things and appreciating it when one offers it, that thing doesn’t deserve loyalty or allegiance.

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  3. Deities will not get the loyalty and allegiance they seek, because the human spirit of loyalty is fleeting. The minute something that is conceived to be better comes along, or they do not get the gift they feel they deserve, the loyalty is gone, and onto another diety.

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    1. I wish this were true. Tragically, they do, some horrible people who are treated like deities are able to maintain their followers and undeserved adulation for enough time to cause significant damage. History and the present is littered with the horrific outcomes of these situations.


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