Death on Vinyl

I’m still waiting. What will our legacy be? A friend of mine posted something on social media that reminded me of this post. It seems as a relevant thing as ever to continue to consider. The things we prioritize have no intrinsic value. If it continues, all we will leave behind is the wreckage of selfishness and possibly still not enough cash in a 401K to cover the monetary debt of our choices, but definitely not enough to pay the debt of conscience that the future will be forced to feel because of those same choices. If the soul is a reality, we’ll be leaving ours here with our counterfeit morality.

Joseph D. Newcomer

I’m waiting for that record scratch moment when something so insane and horrible happens that the whole country stops and goes “OK, wait, this is not cool!” and we can all agree on a more reasonable compromise for the better.

It may be too late. We may be past our ability to be affected as a race. You cannot change the world with words that the masses refuse to hear or believe based on antiquated traditions. We pan the solutions and stagnate progress for fear of being obsolete, unnecessary, unneeded, unwanted. We are ironically obsessed with our legacy while, at the same time, we build one we will surely be ashamed of whether or not we will ever have the courage to admit it. 

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  1. It is scary to think how stupid we really are! There are two factions at work here, on the one hand, it wants to preserve our world and save it for our children, and on the other hand, there is the faction that says, the hell with those at the bottom, WE WANT MORE! Right now they are running roughshod over everything to get their slice of the pie. What will they do when there ain’t no more pie????

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