Haute Box

Many social groups are just as pretentious as those that boldly claim to be. Sometimes, those who seem as though they should be the most open-minded are this same amount of pseudo-pretentious. It’s mostly because people are insecure, and we struggle with our need to belong. Once we feel we belong, we need to reinforce our desire to be seen as important/accepted, which, again, all stems from a lack of self-importance and the overwhelming desire to feel validated. The power to exclude others makes us feel that importance. It elevates us on in our own imaginary position of social status. It’s sad and pathetic and all very human. This is not to say that these groups have no value; the gathering of like-minded individuals to benefit a cause or purpose can certainly be effective and beneficial for all of its members, it’s just that the lesser parts of our nature often overshadow any value. 

If you are part of one of these groups, it may be beneficial to reevaluate the true nature of why you are and how it has affected your treatment of outsiders. Just because this is a very understandable and natural way to behave, it’s still not particularly great justification for doing so. 

If you’ve been excluded, consider yourself lucky to not be wanted by groups or individuals who are these types of things.

Being excluded from a social group can be a higher honor than being accepted.

The best part of being a shape that doesn’t fit in the box is not getting put in a box.


  1. Such groups are simply nonsensical stereotypes. They survive on beliefs that have no logic or sensible foundation. Supposedly a cut above the rest, they flounder to mask their own insecurities. Who needs a box or any shape to define one’s existence. I’m sure you recognize the words of the ‘one of many’ who chooses to be excluded. 🙂

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