That Good Shit

We are inescapably drawn to over-simplifying ourselves and others, even though we know how incredibly complex who and what we are truly is. It’s easier for us to put things into two groups, so we can make decisive choices to define ourselves. It’s rarely, if ever, accurate or useful. I try not to subscribe to either/ors. When at all possible, I also enjoy making these choices absurd or impossible to feel good about having to choose one. For instance, if we’re narrowing all of humanity down to two options, I’d say that some of us are too stupid to know we’re ignorant, and the rest of us are too ignorant to know we’re stupid.

Sometimes, it’s best to narrow it down to one option if you’re looking to create camaraderie. For instance: We are all turds polished in varying degrees. But we do have choices, we can choose to be one of the several varieties of turd that decidedly attempt to be the least shitty pieces of shit, or we can decide to be one of the many types that try to be the biggest pieces of shit imaginable.

The answer to an either/or can and should sometimes be neither/nor, especially when it’s implied that you are undeniably some form of human defecation. On the contrary, if it’s an either/or question regarding which type of cheese you’d like on your burger, the correct answer is simply, yes.

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