The Odds of Afterlife

I view my thoughts on life, where it comes from, and the forever thereafter as if it were a small bet I made with money that I don’t care if I lose–that I, for the most part, expect to lose. If we get to the end of it all, and I’m wrong, I’ll be like, “Aw, man! Well played, life!” and I’ll just go on about my business of being dead or whatever. If I’m right, I’ll be like, “Ha! I knew it!” and I’ll chuckle and go on about my business of being dead or whatever.

Leave some room for yourself to be wrong, so you won’t hate yourself when you are,

and you will be,

at some point.

We all are.

Listen to me read this post with bonus material on the Thought & Other Absurdities podcast below.


      1. I understand, but as yet podcastery doesn’t tug my chain. I’m (stodgy old dewd, yes) pretty torqued over the whole yewtubery of today. Not suggesting anything save that while I em>know spoken word lends so much more to the tale – in fact it’s been suggested as I am often difficult to follow, i consider audio – I’m not going there. Yet. Not ruling anything out, understand, just not ready for it. Appreciate your salesmanship. Enjoy READING your posts, so, there may come a time…

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        1. If you ever decide to do your posts as a podcast, let me know. Maybe I can help if you have questions. I think your writing would lend itself well to a podcast, the suggested are not wrong. I, for one, would listen. It’s also super easy which is the only reason my desiring-to-be-lazy ass even does one. LOL


  1. I’ve been conditioned in life to never assume that I’m right or wrong. I just look at my thoughts and actions as an extension of my nature, intelligence and experience. I think the less we categorize these things, the more we are able to think and act freely. Very interesting post. 🙂

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