Tragic Mirror On The Wall

The opposite of bad isn’t worse.

If there’s a bad universe in the mirror universe concept, we’re it.

I recently read an article about scientists trying to open a door to a mirror universe. People commenting were concerned, but I don’t think they should be.

If the mirror universe is opposite us, that’s the good side. They should be worried. I mean, what do you think is over there? Honest politicians who actually care about people? Ethical corporations? Quality, affordable healthcare? Justice? Equality?

There, the most exciting thing about getting a new phone is the 2U album that comes as a free option and can easily be deleted.

There, the biggest news story is about *Ryle Kittenhouse bringing baked goods to an appreciation festival. Just watch out for **Reanu Keeves, that evil son of a bitch!

Don’t worry about things that are different than what you’ve come to understand as “normal.” There’s a good chance that your “normal” is actually really shitty.

* **We, here at Thought & Other Absurdities, are aware of the fact that Ryle Kittenhouse and Reanu Keeves would not be true mirror-image spellings of these real-world names. So, we wanted to take a moment to address this. First and most obviously, these sound funnier. They are also much easier to pronounce. And, although we consider ourselves skeptics, we wanted to avoid any possible demon conjuring that trying to say any of this backward might trigger. Finally and most importantly, if you want the names to be true mirror images make up your own fucking mirror universe.


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