Read the Back Cover of El Camino Blue

author joseph d. newcomerAt seventeen, what could anyone possibly know about love or the meaning of life? Maybe the only thing that really is important at all is realizing what matters in the moment, but that is easier said than done when your body is barraging your brain with hormones. Of course adding pot, alcohol, frozen pizza, and spite for an ex-girlfriend to the disturbing mixture of inherent young male chemicals doesn’t help at all. If it is too early for a midlife crisis, maybe it’s the perfect time for a nervous breakdown.

When Joe finds out that his last girlfriend was a pathological liar, he gets the sneaking suspicion that very little about youth is worth considering important. All he needs to do is find perfect moments that will stand out in future memories because in twenty years that will be how he remembers this time in his life anyway. There are parts of his body that disagree with his revelation and those are the parts of him that drive him to Ella, regardless of how he tries to justify it. The consistent conflict between his chemical makeup and his logical mind leads him down a path of schizophrenic conversations with a motley crew of friends and fistfight with a clock. He might love her, but he can’t tell if she even exists. Why would a beautiful girl wear sweat pants on a date? Regardless, she is a distraction so he will take it, but as with every distraction, there are consequences. When it all comes crashing down, there won’t be enough Captain Morgan, Camel Lights, or poorly rolled joints to keep him from realizing what actually does matter to him… Everything matters.

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