This book was hard to put down, I had to know what happened next! The concept of what time travel and a lack of original art and ideas does to a society is a refreshing take on the subject. The book also takes respective care of tough subjects like the want to belong and suicide […]

Diminishing Return Review -Annie

Joseph D. Newcomer brings us a unique tale with an original idea about the effects of technology on society. It carries on the torch in the same vein as “The Twilight Zone” and “Black Mirror”. I found this book hard to put down once I started reading it. It was thought provoking and emotional with […]

Diminishing Return Review -I.R.

Art should make us think and feel, and Newcomer succeeds at both in his second novel. He clearly has much to say about the importance of human interaction and empathy in our current digital age. Despite its dystopian setting, “Diminishing Return”contains an appropriate amount of joy, humanity, and humor. Highly recommended!

Diminishing Return Review -Jake Johns

This book was a really enjoyable read. The story was immersive, and I thought the comments on pages 83-86 about the subjectivity of human experience were particularly insightful. I will continue to follow this author and have loved both of his books so far.

Diminishing Return Review -Laura R

“Diminishing Return” is a thought-provoking glimpse into a dystopia future that is frighteningly plausible. Time stops, you don’t die and technology lets you jump back and forth in time. What could possibly go wrong? Well, as we discover as “Diminishing Return” unfolds, plenty. Through his characters, Newcomer explores ennui, isolation, depression and suicide. But this […]

Diminishing Return Review -T. Prefling

“Intentionally overdramatic teen pulp on the surface but there is a deeper thread running through this novel. We’re all full of holes that need filling a even if its just a temporary patch. This need to fill holes is especially raw and manic when we’re 17 and have zero clue what life is about. Welcome […]

El Camino Blue Review – J. White

“I just finished reading El Camino Blue by Joseph Necomer. This book took me back to an innocent time we all experience. High School and our first times at dating. You know the weird feelings and ways we act when we are attracted to someone. It was an easy read and I couldnt wait to […]

El Camino Blue Review – R. McFarland

Enjoyable. Relatable. A sit down and read, front to back, story that almost anyone can relate to. Order it, read it, you’re welcome.

El Camino Blue Review -David Sconzo

“Joseph Newcomer has constructed a time machine. His book “El Camino Blue” is not a period piece in the rigid sense, but it tells a tale of youth in the 1990s in a way that I’ve not encountered elsewhere, and it is a very real, nostalgic, loving depiction of a time I know and recall […]

El Camino Blue Review -Sperry

“I loved it. This book captures that time, when we were all young and restless, when we were guessing about life and its possibilities. It is a solid first novel from a burgeoning author who has more to come, for sure. The characters feel authentic, as real as that time when we want love, want […]

El Camino Blue Review -William