The Paradoxical Dichotomy of Logic and Hope

Knowledge is dour.

Joseph D. Newcomer

We are now weathered by the damning knowledge of years; by the shift from blind confidence to grim, pragmatic understanding. Now, we counter the disappointing and inevitable with doomed longing for all outcomes to defy the proof of experience despite our familiarity.

In the past, in the blissful ignorance of youth, I always thought I was and believed I wanted to be right. Now, more often than not, I hope that I am wrong.

These are the sick, unsettled guts of those who have lived enough pasts to understand the inescapable odds of how the present gives way to the end.

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Haute Box

Many social groups are just as pretentious as those that boldly claim to be. Sometimes, those who seem as though they should be the most open-minded are this same amount of pseudo-pretentious. It's mostly because people are insecure, and we struggle with our need to belong. Once we feel we belong, we need to reinforce [...]

Newton’s 3rd Law of Feral Munitions

Space junk, stray bullets, and projected psychoses, what goes up must come down. That’s not the sky falling, but it might as well be.

Joseph D. Newcomer

The realization of guilt or the materialization of recourse, where feelings, logic, and reality intersect and disagree, you’ll find sadness and anger. In this place, only one emotion truly exists, the other is a fabricated means of self-defense and only begets more of the other. We are a terrified nation of helpless and hopeless. We are anesthetized, or we are outraged. We are all of these things, rightfully so, but cannot accept our own fault in it. The product of our fear, despair, and self-loathing we’ve redirected, turned it into friendly fire. We’ve aimed our anger straight up into the air, and our bodies wait to faithfully collect the falling stray bullets. 

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