Welcome to My Official Author Site

Welcome to the my official website blog. If you are familiar with my social media posts, you know exactly what to expect. If you are new to my writing, thanks for checking it out. I’ll be posting whatever comes to my mind with whatever frequency my mind decides to think it. The topics will vary and I hope you will join in the discussions.
For whatever wild twist of fate, as a species we have been given the privilege of spouting off whatever nonsense we can conjure to anyone in the world willing to listen. Fortunately for some of you and unfortunately for the rest, the thought of reaching all of you this sets my tongue on fire. Let’s think about weird shit and then say it to each other. I will be personally responding to absolutely every comment, unless I somehow manage to get famous enough to not have to.
Cheers from Andrea and myself.

Another new thing that is happening in the small world of mine which you have just entered, I am now part of a podcast in the making. With Andrea Greenwald, the beautiful mother of my child, and DAJO (David Strenio), a long time friend who I consider family, I am working on Are They Serious?, “A podcast with unqualified people talking about things they probably don’t even understand.” #aretheyserious on social media posts when you read something and wonder ARE THEY SERIOUS?!?!?. If we like the post we may talk about it, and you, on the podcast. For more info click the podcast link on this website.

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Personal Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/joe.newcomer.9

-Joseph D. Newcomer

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