Diminishing Departures and Returns

A friend of mine, Scott Willson, is in the midst of reading my new novel and traveling from Phoenix, AZ to Philadelphia, PA. He is taking the book with him so that he can finish it on the 5 hour flight to PA that Andrea, Ari, and I know all too well. Being the thoughtful and unique individual that Scott is, he mentioned he would like to leave the book at the Philly airport in the hopes that someone else picks it up and reads it.

Scott and Joe sending Diminishing return on a journey to airport waiting areas
Scott and Joe

He asked if I could provide him with an insert so that we could track where the book ends up. I loved the idea. So, we are doing it. I realize we may never get a response, but how cool will it be if we do? I will be adding a new section of the website for book tracking and pictures that we are sent from anyone who picks up the book. Keep your fingers crossed with me that it doesn’t just end up in the trash at the terminal. If you are headed to the Philly airport (or any other airport) anytime soon, keep an eye out for the communal copy of Diminishing Returns.

The form to fill out when you pick up the traveling book of Diminishing return

#FollowTheBook on social media to tell me where the book has been.


  1. Thanks, Will. I hope we hear from some people who pick up the book! I just added a picture to the #FollowTheBook page of the site. You can click the link above or here: https://josephdnewcomer.com/followthebook/
    You can download and print the picture, cut it out, and tape it to your inside cover. It may need to be resized when you print it. Great to hear from you, I hope everything is going fantastically for you and your writing.


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