The Truth Catastrophe

Truth is the most expensive commodity known, and, at this point, we won’t even know when we hear it. Insignificant fragments of it are a thing to be owned, bought, and sold. Brilliant and arrogant so-and-sos have so delicately toiled to intelligently disguise it; stirred it into a homogeneous, inseparable solution with half-truths, blatant lies, misunderstandings, misnomers, confusion, and propaganda which can only be separated or realized by the common collective consciousness in the event of catastrophe, and, even then, only for fleeting moments. As for the remainder and most of time, what we are offered is a narrative befitting the most current owners of those muddled and misconceived, insignificant fragments which are just as, if not more, dangerous and meaningless than nothing at all. We are the witless led by those who only believe they possess wit, and those who believe they possess wit are wrong.

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