The Purposeful Double Negative of Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Our culture has monetized basic human needs. We have been forced to define happiness for ourselves in such a way that it is now not only unachievable, it is unimaginable as well. Even when confronted with the appearance of happiness in others, our only reaction is suspicion. For most, our greatest common bonds are begrudging those who we feel may be happier than ourselves and choosing to be completely oblivious to whatever happiness we should have for the things we’ve achieved; the happiness we already own. I can’t imagine it was ever intended to be a relative term. 

The way we are now; surrounded by what we’ve created, I think Mick got it right. Regardless of how satisfied we should feel, we’ll never get no satisfaction. Our whites could always be whiter. Our cigarettes, manlier. You see, we’re on a losing streak.

Mick Jagger - Rolling Stones "Can't Get No Satisfaction"


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