The Vote of No Confidence

Nothing is more repulsive or demeaning than what a human must do to get another human to hear them out or to afford them an opportunity. How absurd, the belief that we should force others to struggle in every aspect we, ourselves have, pay their proverbial dues, succumb to the lifting of their tails and staring into their hind end, folding with the dignity stripping  fraternal and sororal initiations of life just to gain the tools with which to live in this cruel, beleaguering facsimile of civilization. 

Misery demands company, I suppose. It’s a strange way to think, a strange way to want it to be. 

Imagine being comfortable enough with this process, these placations that you could choose pandering as a career, as a lifestyle. Most of us couldn’t because we couldn’t allow ourselves to revel in this type of sycophantic kowtowing until it became our most distinguishing characteristic; a guise to mask the insatiable need for preposterous amounts of adoration and power. Most of us bite our tongues just to get through these demeaning situations in our daily lives because we need the payout to sustain the lives we have and those we’ve created. Yet to guide the rule of our society, we choose those with a nature which we would loathe ourselves for having.

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