The Plague Undoctored

When we forgo our own values to support something that belies that which we value, we cannot be trusted to be honest even with ourselves. This is mercenary. This is the decomposition wherein the parasite suffocates after eviscerating its host of all subsistence which initially allowed the parasite to thrive. When we concern ourselves entirely with personal gain and not at all with the consequences that we force others to suffer, we are no longer deserving of the advantages afforded us by our evolutionary inheritance, our aptitude for thought, our discerning nature of self-awareness. We tip our existences to a proclivity befitting that of a virus, an infection, an infestation sucking dry the lifeblood of mutual understanding and leaving only our abject differences to distinguish us. We end only as the warring factions of antagonists without beliefs of our own, dying over the semantics of causes with ambiguous merit, at best.


  1. We are at indeed, in dark and heavy times. Times that demand much more of us, than the best of times. History is recording our responses to these demands, which begs the question of the day… How are we responding, and, how will we respond–in the long-run? The ways in which we choose to respond, will make all the difference.
    ~Dr. J.

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    1. You’re right, perhaps the most important thing we can do is to regulate or baser instincts, the knee-jerk reactive ones which we are prone to and which do not bare the mark of thoughtfulness and use instead the pause and wisdom which separates us from the temperament of single-celled organisms. As always, it’s great to hear your thoughts, Dr. J.


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