The Age of Enlitenment

(La Liberte an mangeant le peuple)

I wonder if these are the last desperate gasps of the old regime or if the revolution is so poorly conceived that nostalgia will pave the way to something much worse. Only the erosion of time will reveal how the highly subjective eye of history will dictate it. How are we so confident that any of the designated paths are correct when none of them truly seem anything of the sort? Will the moral high ground so disingenuously claimed by those who can’t be bothered to uphold even their own perverse definition of morality and the ease of following the descent into sloth deliver us happily to the end, or will this be the new accepted reality once all of those with the mind for change become the outnumbered apathetic? If it is only the death rattle of blissful antiquated ignorance, it certainly is quite loud.

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