Ari’s 4 Year Comicversary

In stark contrast to my normal doom and gloom, here is a subject which brings me nothing but joy.

Ari’s 48th trip to the Comic Book Store / 4 Year Comicversary!!!

Once a month since she was old enough to leave the house and even through a pandemic, this has been our tradition. Comic Book Day, the single best idea I’ve ever had. 

I loved collecting comics when I was young. It felt important, the stories and themes were accessible, the art was compelling. I thought, what a fantastic way to share something I love with Ariella while also endearing her to reading and art. It’s been absurdly rewarding. Aside from the actual experiences of getting geared up for the trip, walking into the store, and picking out comics with my favorite human, it’s been incredible to watch her grow through our monthly pictures of her and the books we added to her collection. 

She just turned 4 and we had our 4th Comicversary. We will continue the tradition as long as she is willing to hang out with dad at the comic book store, which I hope is not any time soon. Andrea and I look forward to looking back through these photos for years to come. Below, you can view pictures of Ari’s 4th Comicversary, Annual #3, and our entire year of Ari’s trips to the Comic Book Store. If you’d like to see every trip’s photo, you can find them in order on my website’s Photos section here:

I would also be remiss if I failed to mention and thank our local comic shop, Drawn to Comics, owner, Ken Brown and his amazing family and staff. All but two of our trips in 4 years were at their fine store in downtown Glendale, AZ. (once we went to a shop while on vacation, and one other time during lockdown for Covid-19 we ordered comics online through Drawn to Comics) They’ve welcomed us and taken incredible care of us on every trip, making each visit that much more special. If you live near Glendale, AZ, or if you shop for comics online, definitely check them out.

Visit Drawn To Comics at

Ari’s 4 Year Comicversary, her 48th trip to the Comic Book Store was definitely befitting of the grand nature of this momentous occasion. In true form, as soon as we came into the shop, Ken greeted Ari with a 4 Year Comicversary gift, a gift-wrapped Spider-Gwen doll (Ghost-Spider doll for all of you non-purists) and she absolutely loved it. You can see the doll in the “Annual #3” photo. We also got to see our friends, Adonnis Blake and his little girl Olenna (who is well on her way to having an excellent collection herself), Corban who is just as awesome and pleasant as he always has been, and Zack Colman and his son, Aiken. It’s always great to see the old Comic Playground crew. Ari, as you can see, dressed up in one of her two killer costumes this year, She-Ra and The Princess of Power. We picked up some insanely cool stuff and went trick-or-treating after. Sugar and comic books, people. What else could you really need?

I hope you all enjoy the pictures half as much as I enjoy making them. See you again next month and for years to come, Drawn To Comics.

Here’s what she got on her 48th trip to the Comic Book Store/ 4 Year Comicversary:
  • The Spider-Gwen Doll (Thanks again, Ken. That was awesome of you!)
  • Tales of Suspense #75 The first appearance of Agent Carter…EPIC!
  • Detective Comics #416 (w/ Batgirl… Of Course)
  • Batgirl #50 Dodson Variant
  • Catwoman #26 Variant
  • Action Comics #1026 Variant
  • Wonder Woman #765 Middleton Variant (the cover art on this one is insane)
  • Coloring DC Wonder Woman Coloring Book

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