Help Launch My Indie Publishing Co.

I am asking for donations that will provide the start-up capital needed to realize my goal of growing DEAD STAR PRESS LLC into a competitive, independent publisher of Speculative Fiction, Science Fiction, Social Commentary, and anything weird enough to abduct the mind. My goal is not only to publish my own works through the press but also to publish and support other authors like myself who have been excluded, by no fault of their talents, from achieving traditional publishing. If you can’t beat them, join them, then beat them.      

After several years of researching independent publishing opportunities for my writing, I have a great deal of first-hand knowledge about what indie authors want, expect, and need from an independent publisher. With the help of Andrea Greenwald & Marie Turko, DEAD STAR PRESS will have the combined abilities and qualifications to professionally edit, design, and market works for authors on a level that rivals or exceeds many of the indie presses with which I am familiar.

All donations over $10 will receive a free copy of our first planned publication which will be a coffee table, quotation book-style collection of posts from my Thought & Other Absurdities blog. If we meet our goal, higher donations of over $100 will receive promotional logo merchandise to be determined. Any amount will be greatly appreciated.

Thank all of you for your support of my writing and for your continued support in this next step in building a full-time writing and publishing career.

Help us get more weird out into the world.


Joseph D. Newcomer

Founder & Owner

Dead Start Press LLC


Unpretentious Unconventional Unfuckwithable Independent Publishing


  1. I would love to hear more about your Dead Star Press! I am stuck with Amazon. I have formatted for Barnes and Noble and Draft2digital, and found them lacking in customer service. Most publishing houses now ONLY deal with you online, with no telephone customer service and if you don’t get it right, well, too bad.

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    1. I will be pushing the books through Amazon a d KDP, I’m just going to help authors make them the best versions of the book they wrote and try to use my personal connections and social media following to boost their sales. We will do a bunch of social media marketing and marketing through Amazon. Plus anything else an author might ask for a hand with.


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