Spotify Playlist Inspired by Thought & Other Absurdities

Hey everyone,

I just put together a Spotify Playlist called Thought & Other Absurdities Music. It’s a collection of songs, comedic performances, and all of the 5-10 minute episodes of The Thought & Other Absurdities Podcast. All of the songs have been referenced in this blog or inspired the writing or art for my blog posts. It’s a pretty eclectic mix of music that I think you’ll all enjoy. Please take a moment to like to playlist and listen to it on random during your commute or while you’re doing boring shit at your job. I hope you love it.


  1. Thanks for sharing your playlist that came out of that inspiration. It’ll be cool to listen, to hear something different than I’m used to. (Although I already enjoy many of the bands in the list, like Pearl Jam and Jane’s Addiction.)

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