Freudian Slap

If America had a therapist, they would probably tell it to try to not make any more major life decisions until it’s feeling less emotional. Maybe try some meditation, or yoga, a healthier diet, maybe some exercise. They might say it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start each day with about 24 hours of quiet self-reflection.

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  1. Yep, our country–in fact, all of western society–needs a Freudian slap upside the head. Too many have a herd mentality and are so easy to offend it’s pathetic.
    I am from from the Ozarks, but have never watched Ozark, but intend to someday…probably when season 4 (the final season) wraps up.

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      1. Yes, we sure could. 😊
        Have you watched Breaking Bad? If not, knowing what I know about Ozark, and knowing you enjoyed it, I think you would Breaking Bad. It’s the best television series I have ever seen.

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        1. My girlfriend says the same thing. She’s a big Breaking Bad fan. I couldn’t get into it. I really tried. I think the big difference for me was that I immediately love Jason Bateman in anything. Then there is a character named Ruth, played by Julia Garner who is incredible. I was just more attracted to these characters and actors. That’s all I can think of that made the difference.

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        2. We’re all different in our likes and dislikes, and If characters aren’t engaging to one, plot can’t make up for it. I loved Dexter; my husband hated it. I loved Six Feet Under, and he sort of liked it.

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        3. Dexter is one of my absolute favorites. I remember enjoying Six Feet Under when it was airing on cable. I’d be interested to hear what you think of Doom Patrol. Since we have such similar tastes, I imagine you’d love it. It’s on HBO Max. It’s wonderfully weird and funny and creepy with the best comic book character development I’ve ever seen in an adaptation to film or TV.

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        4. Sad to say, I’ve never heard of it. I don’t watch much tv, per se, but tend to hear about a show, then bing watch if I like the first couple of episodes. I did that with Stranger Things, The Man in the High Castle, and The Expanse—as well as the others I mentioned. I’ll look into Doom Patrol.

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