Despite All The Rage

We destroy the world that created us while the world we created destroys us. We have an anti-mutualistic relationship with reality.

It seems impossible, but we’ve been simultaneously convinced that we are rats in a corner, fighting for our lives, and lions who need to remind all else that we rule this reality. Our acts reflect that we believe both of these fallacies at the same time. We are no such things. We are deeply troubled humans with broken egos, confused and being taken advantage of.

“The world is a vampire.”

-William Patrick Corgan


“We are the world.”

-U.S.A for Africa (basically every pop musician from the ‘80s)

They were all right.

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  1. Thanks for subscribing to my vlog, Joseph. Great post: as brief and forceful as a left hook. I’ve listened to a few episodes of your podcast and I’m loving it. I’m definitely going to keep checking in with you. You look like a blogger to watch.

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