Reflections in Populism

We are hellbent on justifying our own flaws and guilty consciences with the actions of others. We do this to the point of convincing even ourselves that we support and believe in the unspeakable acts of the obviously depraved. We defend them as if we are defending ourselves. We want the world to condone what they’ve done so that we can feel that the things we think and do are acceptable. We fly the flags of devils in defense of our demons. The things for which we hate ourselves the most determine who we are willing to fight for. Our poorly behaved celebrities and politicians-our infamous yet idolized criminals are only funhouse mirrors in which we see ourselves. If this seems like an exaggeration, see if you can recall yourself or anyone else defending someone with, “I would have done the same thing.”

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In the darkest recesses of the mind where reality begins to fade and the bizarre and extraordinary begin to feel natural–this is where you’ll find tales that can only come From the Dead.


      1. My apologies, it was funnier in my head. Probably why I should not take edibles and a few bong hits before surfing WordPress…
        A comedian I saw once referred to wearing his brown star on his sleeve so every one would know he was a brown star general. (Asshole) Sorry I heard that probably 25 years ago at a comedy open mic night. For some reason it (stunk) stuck with me 🙂

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  1. It couldn’t have been said better. The desire to forgo the superego and return to the id is a wildly absurd idea that I can’t believe people actually take it seriously, but it provides me with a lot of inspiration in my writing haha

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