Viral Humanity

We are things not unlike those studied in Petri dishes, save for the fact that they may be operating on a purely biologically instinctual level, whereas we choose to be many of the things–ways we are. Itโ€™s as if our prevailing drive is to infect every other person with our personal experience-distorted ideas, opinions, and values. Canโ€™t we just live and let leave everybody the fuck alone?

The worst diseases imaginable are transmitted through words.

Why is it always the most insanely boring people who seem to want everyone in the world to be exactly like them? Watch The Walking Dead and imagine if it were just zombies. No matter your opinion of the show, I think we can all agree that an hour of watching only the zombies walk around would be a lot more like standing in line at the DMV. So, why are so many of us trying so desperately to turn everyone else into our boring selves as if we have no idea of how much more mundane and terrible life would be if every person were the same.

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