Flight of the Platypus

As humans, we spend a lot of time looking at other people, creatures, and ideas not our own, and we think, Oh, well, that’s weird. Think about your own body—how it works. Think about where your ideas even come from. Think about your thoughts. Think about how we think about the nature of our existence and how, to the best of our often-failed and highly suspect knowledge, we’re one of, if not the only species that even considers any of this (though, I seriously doubt that’s true.) Now, that’s fucking weird. We should all just be happy to be weirdos and applaud other creatures and people and their ideas for their weirdness. In summation, everything is weird, and so, nothing is weird.

Embrace your Weird with the Dead Star Press Be a Fucking Weirdo Sticker. They’re $2 or free with the purchase of Darkest Day at DeadStarPress.com.


  1. Until this much more relaxed and spirited time, we felt we needed to hide our weirdness, now we can let our real selves out to play with the other weirdos. A great time to be alive, the world around us is imploding, so what have we got to lose?


  2. Beautifully written I think if we feel weird then everything is weird but if think nothing is weird then nothing so all depends on our vision ! Well, shared 🌹

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