Thoughts From Inside A Crumbling Society Vol. II

When we are forced to recognize the boundaries of our rights in order to protect other people’s rights the way we’ve always forced others to compromise for our overreach, we begin to see how ugly our behavior has always been. Some of us accept the fault, change, and move forward. Some cannot and cling to the past.

. . .

I care about what people think. I believe that innate right is paramount. When caring about what another person thinks interferes with my ability to respect myself, that is where it stops.

. . .

A person can be wrong about one thing without being excluded from being correct about all else. It is possible.

. . .

A rebellion’s a rebellion, no matter how poorly conceived.” 

-Dr. Seuss (No, not really, it isn’t. No, not even close, but it’s true, nonetheless, and totally gross. Yes, it is nonetheless true and worth taking note.)

. . .

Society is standing on a high ledge, staring down, contemplating its worth. We can tell it to jump, or we can try to talk it down. Either way, know that we are talking to ourselves.

. . .

In all knowledge, there exists a certain amount of hopelessness for the inevitability of our limitations.

. . .

Leaders who are incapable of inspiring, resort to motivating people with fear. What we are seeing is a direct result of multiple generations of people motivated by their instilled fears instead of their hopes. We are now a country of depression and anxiety, willing to do any terrible thing to be unafraid. Fear is a stronger force than logic. This is why we are nearly incapable of compromise, the single most important requirement of democracy and freedom. This is why we are nearly incapable of accepting our part of the fault, the most vital step in any sort of change. Admission of any kind has been defined by our leaders as an absolute failure. This is why we have wrongfully decided it is only one way or the other. This is how we come to be the worst of which we are capable. Cure your own hypocrisy before seeking it out in others, and allow yourself some hope to find the easy but disguised path back to reason, accountability, and compassion above all.

. . .

I believe the best way to protect the rights and way of life that we want is to recognize when we are being manipulated and motivated with our fear of losing it.

. . .

BUT they did it first!

-Accountability in 2021

. . .

There is an important distinction between being upset about the media or a person being biased and being upset because they are not biased in your favor. 

. . .

If you want to see just how creative human minds can be, listen to people lie to you as they’re lying to themselves at the same time.

. . .

“New edition of The Holy Bible shortened to 5 pages after removing the parts that religious activists clearly don’t care about. In a related story, the updated Constitution will be a quarter page of Cliff’s notes.”

-Basically, Current Events

. . .

When you’re a kid, you think you don’t give a damn about politics. When you grow up, you realize it’s the other way around. 

. . .

The most important thing you can do in life is to be satisfied with what you have– what you are given. So that the people keeping you from the things you actually want don’t have to worry about you being upset about not having those things.


  1. It’s probably been three weeks since I’ve read anything about current events/politics, and honestly, it’s the happiest I’ve been in awhile. I can’t decide if I’m content to be ignorant, or if it’s finally sunk in that the media is actually big money entertainment masquerading politics, and therefore driving a wedge between people for profit (which in and of itself is undermining democracy, therefore the only logical conclusion is to ignore the media)

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  2. You are so weirdly COOL!!! The way you string together your poetic profound words into a scientific well crafted story is mind blowing! This post alone I want to print out then take my colorful highlighters to all the impactful lessons and inner healing potential. BRAVO!!

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