HALLOWEEN is Christmas for WEIRDOS

And we’re here for it. We love Halloween at Dead Star Press. We enjoy Christmas too, but we prefer the darker of the holidays. Celebrate with us and embrace your WEIRD with 31% OFF EVERYTHING at DeadStarPress.com now through October 31st. Discount applied at checkout. Click on any picture to be taken to our store.

Regularly $14.99 SALE PRICE $10.34

A twisting, science fiction, mind-fuck indictment of religious and technological idolatry. Newcomer offers a sharp look at how our choices and compassion define us as human beings.

Free Be a Fucking Weirdo sticker with each Darkest Day purchase!

Regularly $12.99 SALE PRICE $8.96

In the darkest recesses of the mind, where reality begins to fade and the bizarre and extraordinary begin to feel natural—this is where you’ll find tales that can only come From the Dead.

An anthology of weird from the peculiar minds of: Dan Scamell, Bret Thomas, Cyril M. Serenissima, J. Edward Young, Michael Mayes, Charles Passman, Edwin Canfield, Chelsea Harrington, Howard Gershkowitz, and Joseph D. Newcomer.

Regularly $12.98 SALE PRICE $8.96

A children’s book celebrating diversity and inclusion. Read about camping, friends, and how life is a little sweeter when everyone contributes their own unique ingredients.

Written by Joseph D. Newcomer with illustration by Alfred Stewart.

Regularly $10.00 SALE PRICE $6.90

Thought & Other Absurdities is a collection of modern witticisms, thought provocations, & other absurdities from the mind of Joseph D. Newcomer, author of Diminishing Return, El Camino Blue, and the latest Dead Star Press release, Darkest Day.

Regularly $20-$22 SALE PRICE $13.80-$15.18

Regularly $20-$22 SALE PRICE $13.80-$15.18

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