The Patron Saints of Patronization

A Demagogue for Demigod.

It always strikes me how people can put a bunch of innocuous, perfectly fine words together and make them mean something so ugly. 

This or that, either/or—false dichotomies of one or the other. Sometimes, it’s neither. Often, it’s both.

In this particular case, it’s the latter.

I listened to the sanctimonious verbal sewage philosophies of a profoundly misguided yet widely celebrated pop culture sophist. They spat logical-sounding fallacies about their belief in the limited existence of two options for internalizing our feelings about people and the descendants of people who have been and are still victimized in some of the greatest atrocities humanity (term being used loosely here) has ever committed against humanity (and more appropriately here).

As a definite, they stated that we can either feel sympathy for the people who are or have been or whose ancestors have been oppressed and murdered due to their heritages and beliefs, or you can admire them for their perseverance. As if the range of human emotion was limited to feeling only one thing at a time. This is almost always a lie, and it is generally directed at making us think and behave the way the perpetrator of the lie wants us to think and behave. It is rarely for any purpose other than some confused and misinformed belief that there is some personal gain to be had from it, though there never truly is.

We can mourn a people’s incalculable losses while also being amazed at their inconceivable strength. We can feel these things simultaneously. We are not confined to this or that, one or the other. And, even in modern times, with some of these horrendous decimations of cultures and oppressions of swaths of human life behind us, we should appreciate the harrowing difficulties of people who know these are their pasts—people who are aware that their fellow humans had to find some additional, how-does-this-affect-me reason to help stop these horrors, and yet, against all logic and reason, don’t absolutely detest every other kind of people.

It is beyond our embarrassingly beloved demagogues’ realm of understanding, beyond their privileged and pathetic pseudologic, and clearly well beyond their capacity for empathy, compassion, and kindness. They have found our weakest’s weaknesses, and they have exploited them. They sit on a mountain of millions of reasons made of green linen and precious metals that we gave them for telling us the absolving untruths we so desperately want to hear. Behold, the Patron Saints of Patronization.

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