Just As Good As Anything: New Song from Joseph D. Newcomer of Mas Nova

(& info on how to listen to Mas Nova) I rarely write new music these days, but I was recently inspired by the harrowing struggle of several amazing humans I know who are dealing with addiction. So, here's a new original song. It probably won't end up anywhere but here and on some social media [...]

The Mark of the Grifter

"Without thinking, I'm a mark for their marketing plans, I'm Americancer..." - Shawn Harris, The Matches  To narcissists who crave only power, your beliefs are a vulnerability that they can take advantage of to obtain their goals. Your emotions surrounding your most rigid stances, the things you feel most strongly about, are the those with [...]

From Quarantine to You

As my friends floated into the ether of boredom brought on by quarantine, I started creating videos to entertain anyone who might be watching on my Facebook pages. I hadn’t picked up my guitar much or sang much in a while, so I decided to do some music. I also read a couple of chapters [...]