The Mark of the Grifter

“Without thinking, I’m a mark for their marketing plans,

I’m Americancer…”

– Shawn Harris, The Matches 

To narcissists who crave only power, your beliefs are a vulnerability that they can take advantage of to obtain their goals. Your emotions surrounding your most rigid stances, the things you feel most strongly about, are the those with which you are most easily manipulated. A person bartering for your allegiance will not tell you their beliefs, they will only incite you with yours. One of the most vital requirements of sanity is the confidence and wherewithal to revoke your allegiances when it’s proven that the grifters of your loyalty prove their interests truly do not align with yours.

We are the marks.

Listen to the brilliant lyrics I quoted and the music of The Matches and Shawn Harris on Spotify above. On mobile, you may need to click PLAY ON SPOTIFY.

Find them on Facebook at this link.


    1. It’s amazing, the number of ways we are being conned and deceived by absolutely everything. We are the doomed product of the inhumane, all-encompassing marketing efforts of most politicians and corporations. It’s an absolute wonder how we’ve managed to survive as a civilization for this long. Thank you so much for always taking the time to read my work. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it.


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