Shallow Truths and the Deep Fake

We’ve figured a way to make everything a lie by igniting a flicker of doubt with the proof of our ability to distort the truth. Our ability to lie has increased exponentially, and it is multiplied by the factor of our desire to be lied to. We will come to a point where we believe [...]

We Will Be Fooled Again

We dismiss the contrarian. We ridicule the eccentric purist. We hold strong to our first instinct and our entitlements. Our thoughts are beyond reproach. And we are wrong on every account. We can be fooled. We will be fooled, time and again. We need more than ever to reconsider, to accept our folly, to consider [...]

Bullet in the Echo Chamber

In case you were wondering why you’re feeling angry or attacked, or why you feel the need to attack someone else’s character or body, or why you think people unlike you are dangerous and you feel your way of life is being threatened, it is because we are in the process of being radicalized as [...]