Bullet in the Echo Chamber

In case you were wondering why you’re feeling angry or attacked, or why you feel the need to attack someone else’s character or body, or why you think people unlike you are dangerous and you feel your way of life is being threatened, it is because we are in the process of being radicalized as a nation against ourselves. It’s not your imagination. These are the steps that lead to authoritarian government disguised as the only means by which to bring about peace. 

Make no mistake, this is not a partisan issue. This is the established rule of wealth protecting itself from change which would lead to opportunity for anyone not already securely in the lap of success. Our representation is inseparably tied to the interests of money and the ability to incestually sustain it. They are the hoarders of afforded opportunity.

What you are feeling, that sinking, it’s the result of being part of a society as it falls into the possibly unavoidable, glacially-carved canyon-track of history. We are following the textbook maneuvers for how to paralyze a country by polarization with horrifying precision. The evidence is staggering in the voice of children and elderly people spouting the rhetoric of each side’s propaganda. 

We are fed the topics and optics to be all for or all against, with either decision giving one side or the other a stronger foothold in the struggle for absolute power. They drive a wedge down the center to push the reasonable to the edges. Is this by intelligent design or the inevitability of ignorant disregard for lessons past and human life? Probably both. Either way, watch them, watch them fan the flames of discord. Watch them inspire others to do the fanning for them. This is not to benefit the people, this is to amplify the luxuries of those who watch from on high. Reclaim your suspicion of them, not the people who are struggling beside you, not the people who have had to submit to the system just to manage a reasonable existence, not even those who have prospered despite the odds. 

Those who you believe to be monsters in front of you, walking in the opposing direction, have been established, but don’t allow yourself to believe that you cannot be wrong about them. Don’t allow the monsters behind you, the ones walking with you, to be invisible to you. They echo your words but not their meaning. It is as, if not more, important that they are exposed. They are your greatest detractors.

Take great care in who you decide the enemy is in this growing pit of human existence because the real threat looms overhead and in each corner.

Consider intent in all. Selectively embattle yourself. Reserve your energy for exposing the roots. The fruit is the product, it is not the impetus.

“And that handy machine working very precisely removed all of the stars from their tummies quite nicely.”

– Dr. Seuss

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