The Regression of the American Thought (Our Advancing Epidemic of Delusional Self-Victimization)

We are all the hero of our own story...We are all the victim of our own story...We are all the Holocaust victims of our own story...We are all 100% delusional one no one gives a shit... We are currently somewhere between 3 and 4.  Self-victimization and Persecutory Delusions can cause people to feel justified in [...]

Bullet in the Echo Chamber

In case you were wondering why you’re feeling angry or attacked, or why you feel the need to attack someone else’s character or body, or why you think people unlike you are dangerous and you feel your way of life is being threatened, it is because we are in the process of being radicalized as [...]

Buried Beneath Fortune

We are granted, above all else, the illusion of choice, options to agree to predetermined acceptable outcomes that benefit only those who decided what they would be. Carefully instituted insurmountable obstacles command our decisions by force. These are the only viable ways that allow for their positive outcomes, and we are compromised by all. This [...]

Id Disguised as Ego

Any simpleton can lie. It used to require a great deal of intelligence to be convincing to much more than half of any population.  There was once a required understanding, at least one would hope in society’s idealistic infancy, of several considerations which might allow lies to be so widely believed: the subtlety and nuance [...]