Buried Beneath Fortune

We are granted, above all else, the illusion of choice, options to agree to predetermined acceptable outcomes that benefit only those who decided what they would be. Carefully instituted insurmountable obstacles command our decisions by force. These are the only viable ways that allow for their positive outcomes, and we are compromised by all. This has been ensured by those who pay to fool us into believing it to be any other way. These fates are the designs constructed by those who hold any amount of actual volition. They are the architects, the benefactors given a clear view from atop the backs of those who paid with blood and soul for their false leader’s ascension. In return, they receive a chance to beg at the same feet which stomp on their very own spines. There is no other way, perhaps, but if that is the case, it is only because they built it this way, and it is all we are capable of understanding, given our current condition. We line the catacombs beneath the evolving monuments of the fortunes we afforded them. 

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