For Love of the Shame

I realize it’s weird to repost this since I just posted it last week, but I wanted to let everyone know that you can now listen to Thought & Other Absurdities as a podcast. It is available on several outlets and there are more to come. See where it’s currently available on Anchor here .
I listen to everything on Spotify so here is that specific link.

I hope you will all take a moment to listen and subscribe.


Joseph D. Newcomer

Living is a terribly humiliating proposition. If you make it through a single day without embarrassing yourself or feeling mortified for someone else, you’ve absolutely beaten the odds. It’s all a very telling sign that so few of us are able to do the things we feel we are meant to do, and instead, only get to do what we are forced by our needs to do, things that feel unnatural to us so that we are able sustain a life in this humiliating world we’ve constructed.

Consider the weary traveler. They have a lot on their mind, trying to get to the airport through traffic, thinking and hoping they haven’t forgotten something at their house or in the hotel, wondering if they’ll be able to get to their gate in time because their kid was screaming all morning and wouldn’t brush their teeth, so now they’re running late, just…

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The Ruminant Fates of Man

Everyone makes a difference, much of it is done unintentionally. The results are as equally horrifying as those we supposedly learned from. Judge evil by the desired outcomes, but don’t dismiss the wrong done when done absentmindedly, even if the probable eventualities have not or not yet been reached.  We labored under the false pretense [...]

We Will Be Fooled Again

We dismiss the contrarian. We ridicule the eccentric purist. We hold strong to our first instinct and our entitlements. Our thoughts are beyond reproach. And we are wrong on every account. We can be fooled. We will be fooled, time and again. We need more than ever to reconsider, to accept our folly, to consider [...]

Bullet in the Echo Chamber

In case you were wondering why you’re feeling angry or attacked, or why you feel the need to attack someone else’s character or body, or why you think people unlike you are dangerous and you feel your way of life is being threatened, it is because we are in the process of being radicalized as [...]

Limited Time Sale

Diminishing Return Diminishing Return is my contribution to the hope for compassion in society and the support of suicide awareness. It may not change the world in any large way, but I hope that for some of you, it will serve as an encouragement to continue to give a damn about each other despite our [...]