The Regression of the American Thought (Our Advancing Epidemic of Delusional Self-Victimization)

  1. We are all the hero of our own story…
  2. We are all the victim of our own story…
  3. We are all the Holocaust victims of our own story…
  4. We are all 100% delusional one no one gives a shit…

We are currently somewhere between 3 and 4. 

Self-victimization and Persecutory Delusions can cause people to feel justified in acting out against those who they perceive to be a threat. They can repress the remorse for the horrible things they say and do because they are certain they are defending themselves. 

There are people who are being treated poorly in our society, and there is a great amount of guilt and denial about that. In a reaction of mental gymnastics to protect ourselves from the self-deprecation this causes, some will convince themselves that they are, in fact, the person or a part of a group that is being subjugated just as badly, if not worse, than the people who actually are or have been.

We cannot allow for personal political agendas to lend credence to defending a wealthy American actress for, in any way, comparing her struggles to that of the Jewish people during the Holocaust. There is no justifying that amount of compassionless ignorance. My pieces are generally less direct, I know, but I felt that plain language on this topic would be of greater benefit.

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