Vonnegut and the Mistake Machines

This is one of my most popular posts, so I recorded it for The Thought & Other Absurdities Podcast. I just started doing this and I'm giving you bonus material in every episode. In the Vonnegut and the Mistake Machines Episode, I added a bit of a rant about our society's poor treatment of Simone [...]

The Ruminant Fates of Man

Everyone makes a difference, much of it is done unintentionally. The results are as equally horrifying as those we supposedly learned from. Judge evil by the desired outcomes, but don’t dismiss the wrong done when done absentmindedly, even if the probable eventualities have not or not yet been reached.  We labored under the false pretense [...]

Vultures Vulturing

There are vultures picking at the ripe flesh of society’s open wounds. The misery profiteers glide in with carefully formed statements to get close enough to taste the lucrative honesty of the human condition. Satans in silver suits, tearing at the raw sinew, exemplifying the problem by beautifully harmonizing with the meaningful words of the [...]

Vonnegut and the Mistake Machines

https://open.spotify.com/episode/62Lt0AQO72HydJXYyFVvJh?si=0payviVJSSij6WgexwBW2w&dl_branch=1 Vonnegut probably would have said that people are Mistake Machines. We all make mistakes, and we are as prolific and proficient at making them as we are at making anything else we have ever made. He also may have said that the best Mistake Machines of all are also fantastic Apology Machines because, while [...]