The Suggestive Corruptive

Especially in a society rife with corruption, though it could have the same result in any, it is easiest to gain the trust of others and to convince them that what you are saying is true if you first convince them that everything else may not be. Accepting that most everything is a lie is [...]

The Pretension Perception

When you begin to listen to and believe the thoughts and opinions of those who could not possibly understand over the advocation of those who truly do, you have taken the first step of emboldening an opinion based solely on fear into your contrived version of reality; one that you know or knew, at one [...]

The Rebellion Conformity

The worst of humanity require the anonymity of belonging to a large group of like-minded others. In most any type of group, once our individuality can be masked, the true nature of man shouts its ignorances into the sea of muted but understood collective voice. Riots, rallies, religions, the raucous and witless “repartee”; if you [...]