Failing in Color

So that I better understand the issues presented, from what I gather, the popular consensus is that doing things the way we’ve always done them is more important than doing what is right. Can this be correct?

We are self-chained to an ignorant, egotistical pride in believing that we cannot agree with any part of any idea, even if it’s wise, compassionate, and decent if it’s the “other guy” who came up with it. We are bound by imaginary allegiance to words and their meanings, swallowing them whole without the presence of mind to discard the elements which have degraded with time or never had utility, even in their inception. With every baseless choice, we insult the lessons of the past by refusing to objectively break down our own morality to find its weaknesses and replace those misguided principles with something greater. This is the unchecked arrogance of our broken minds. The shattering effect of this inability to compromise, to see things for what they are, is sending shock waves of misery through even those who believe that they got their way. 

Everyone dies in the end, let’s try not to expedite the process.

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