Download My Books For FREE Through 3/22/2020 (A Free Distraction From Quarantine & Beyond)

Looks like some of us will have to hunker down in the interest of the greater good for a while. So many of my friends and so many people, in general, are being affected in ways we haven’t been forced to have to consider before now. I thought some of you might need a distraction, and that, my friends, is one of the few things I have to give. Today through Sunday 3/22, both of my books will be available to download for free on Amazon. My latest book, Diminishing Return, is about maintaining compassion in the face of the end of the world which seems pretty appropriate these days. I hope it will strike a chord with all of you and provide a little reprieve from concentrating on the things which are out of our control. Even if you aren’t in the mood to read this week, still download them, you can read it whenever you’d like. 

If it is within your control to be able to stay at home, I hope you will. I also hope you will all take advantage of free digital downloads of my books to enjoy while you do your part to make sure the fewest possible number of people with compromised immune systems are affected. 

If you know anyone who might like a couple of free books, please share the link to this blog post on your social media so everyone can take advantage of this offer. 

Diminishing Return free download at:

El Camino Blue free download at:

My agent when I asked if I should give my work away for free.

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