The Myth of Plural Pronouns

Politics are a scam to get you to use plural pronouns when describing your affiliation to one of the two main political parties. We, us, they, them; if you’re an average American, you’re not really on either of those teams, you can’t afford to be. Trust that any benefit of their triumphs which extends to you is purely coincidental. 

The smallest percentage of our society does their best to convince the largest that by serving the needs of only that small percentage, you truly serve the majority, yourself. It’s a cautionary tale, one which history warned us against time and time again. That small percentage is not interested in the success of any other portion of the masses, they are only interested in your continued servitude. The fragment of your life’s time in which your freedoms are able to be realized are afforded to you only by your loyalty to their cause of continuing financial superiority. Keep them rich, in control, and at their leisure, and you can have a couple days off a week.

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