Humanity Graded on a Curve

This is how we justify our atrocities. This is how we shape our culture. This is how we got here. This is why we are responsible for these desperate times. This is why we are sad, angry, and lost.

Joseph D. Newcomer

At our absolute worst, we consistently allow our need for personal satisfaction and comfort to precede those same needs in others, from the nameless and faceless, to those with whom we are personally invested. At our best, we do the same, just a little less often, and, in some cases, we feel the regret for our self-involved nature. We judge others on the extent to which they are affected in relation to ourselves. While knowing we are creatures capable of what the worst of us have done should compel the more understanding and giving recesses of our minds to prevail, it instead entitles us to excuse ourselves of the lesser tragedies we shape.   

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The Deception of Desperation

Seeing anything as absolute keeps you from understanding anything beyond what you’ve limited yourself to understanding. It’s not knowledge that would lead a person to this end, it is desperation. Desperation begs for an ultimate answer when an ultimate answer is an unknowable impossibility. You simply cannot know. You can believe. That will need to [...]

The Myth of Plural Pronouns

Politics are a scam to get you to use plural pronouns when describing your affiliation to one of the two main political parties. We, us, they, them; if you’re an average American, you’re not really on either of those teams, you can’t afford to be. Trust that any benefit of their triumphs which extends to [...]

El Camino Blue Audiobook Now Available

El Camino Blue Audiobook now available on iTunes as well. Follow this link:

Joseph D. Newcomer

My first novel, El Camino Blue, is now available in audiobook format on Audible.

Check out the audio clip in the video here.

This is the first time any of my work has been available in audio. I’m excited to hear what all of you think. I think the producer and narrator,Nikola Muckajev, did an incredible job capturing the heart and tone of story. I hope you all love it. Listen to a quick sample from the first chapter in the preview video. There is a longer audio clip at the link “Get the El Camino Blue Audiobook Now” button.

From the Author

El Camino Blue was originally written as a journal that was kept daily through the last four months of high school. A few years later, at the age of twenty-two, I picked it back up and rewrote the sixty…

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Death on Vinyl

I’m waiting for that record scratch moment when something so insane and horrible happens that the whole country stops and goes “OK, wait, this is not cool!” and we can all agree on a more reasonable compromise for the better. It may be too late. We may be past our ability to be affected as [...]