Octothorpe Oblivion

There is no point in distinguishing lies from the truth once it is all confined to perception. Minds made up to believe or reject without regard for evidence cannot be persuaded by even their own personal witness. Accept what we prefer, reject all else, this is the motto of our time as it was in [...]

The Advancing Retreat

With each passing age, the shift in life’s necessities prompt the specialization of strength in different areas, different muscle groups, different ways. First, it was the legs, then, the back. The hands and mind followed shortly thereafter. The latter, the ever-evolving intellect, it would prove to be sufficient enough to change the world a way [...]

Limited Time Amazon Promotion

Tomorrow 1/17 is the last day to take advantage of Diminishing Return $.99 Ebooks
$10.95 Paperbacks will be available until 1/31
I hope you will check it out. If you do, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to contact me through the contact page on JosephDNewcomer.com

Joseph D. Newcomer

(and other news)

The Diminishing Return paperback is now on sale for the promotional price of $10.95 on Amazon for the rest of January. Just in case you spent too much money over the holidays like I did, but you still want to check out my book. For those of you who prefer to read digitally, the Ebook will be only $.99 from 1.11.20- 1.18.20. Save $2.00 on the paperback and have access to the digital version for free or save $3.00 on the digital only copy. As always, all proceeds go toward buying chocolate and comic books for Ariella Nova Newcomer. (It’s a worthy cause for sure!)

If you’ve already read Diminishing Return and enjoyed it, get a sale copy for someone you think will enjoy it or lend them your copy and never get it back. (We all know what friends mean when they say borrow) If…

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The Future, Speaking of the Past

(The Fourth Industrial Revolution) Everything was automatic, so efficient that people were forced by an excess of spare time and the resulting boredom to interact with one another. This should have been the best possible outcome, but it seemed to them a most torturous situation. The were terminally advanced, inexorably detached. They went on about [...]

The Darwinian Dissension

Age is not indicative of intelligence. At previous points in history, the duration of a human’s life would have been a sign of cunning, outwitting the harsh elements, succeeding according to Darwin, but now it only means you’ve been inundated with the absurdity of society's failing intellect for longer than those who come after you. [...]

The Children’s Game

As children we play "One of these things is not like the other", "Which of these things are exactly the same?", or "What about these two similar things is different?". Fine games for developing certain skill sets, but not so much for others. As an adult it may be more useful to play how are [...]