Despite All The Rage

We destroy the world that created us while the world we created destroys us.
We have an anti-mutualistic relationship with reality.

Joseph D. Newcomer

It seems impossible, but we’ve been simultaneously convinced that we are rats in a corner, fighting for our lives, and lions who need to remind all else that we rule this reality. Our acts reflect that we believe both of these fallacies at the same time. We are no such things. We are deeply troubled humans with broken egos, confused and being taken advantage of.

“The world is a vampire.”

-William Patrick Corgan


“We are the world.”

-U.S.A for Africa (basically every pop musician from the ‘80s)

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Hate-Track Tapes

Seems appropriate to reblog this one this week. These obsolete ignorances need to go the way of the Dodo to allow for compassion, empathy, and enlightenment to battle that which allows bigotry to trudge along through existence. Traditional ignorance right along with progressive hypocrisy be damned.

Joseph D. Newcomer

Did you know that cassette tapes came out before 8-track tapes? I feel like that’s what’s happening with racism, homophobia, and sexism today. Like, everyone knows there’s a better way, but there are still a bunch assholes cruising around in old, beat-up, rusted-out, shitty Trans Ams, and they’re jamming matchbooks into the deck, so their REO Speedwagon cartridge stops playing Keep On Lovin’ You and Can’t Fight This Feelin’ at the same time. Over the incoherent, distorted music, they openly shout about how they refuse to be forced to use cassette tapes because “Freedom” or some shit, like they think cassette tapes are the Antichrist or something. Meanwhile, it’s 2020, some of us don’t even know what the hell an 8-Track is, or a cassette tape, for that matter, and, by some stroke of absurdly shitty luck, we still have to watch these ignorant dicks obnoxiously swerve down the road…

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The Paradoxical Dichotomy of Logic and Hope

Knowledge is dour.

Joseph D. Newcomer

We are now weathered by the damning knowledge of years; by the shift from blind confidence to grim, pragmatic understanding. Now, we counter the disappointing and inevitable with doomed longing for all outcomes to defy the proof of experience despite our familiarity.

In the past, in the blissful ignorance of youth, I always thought I was and believed I wanted to be right. Now, more often than not, I hope that I am wrong.

These are the sick, unsettled guts of those who have lived enough pasts to understand the inescapable odds of how the present gives way to the end.

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Octothorpe Oblivion

#Oblivion We are not doomed to repeat the past; we choose to. The defining similarity in all of humanity is the belief that we are all so very different that we could never truly coexist. It is the most defiling of self-fulfilling prophecies.

Joseph D. Newcomer

There is no point in distinguishing lies from the truth once it is all confined to perception. Minds made up to believe or reject without regard for evidence cannot be persuaded by even their own personal witness. Accept what we prefer, reject all else, this is the motto of our time as it was in so many eras before. Even in obvious repetition, we lack the wherewithal to see that every time a group of intrinsically fallible humans decide their way must be the only way at any cost, the cost is always greater than that which we can stomach, and no way is ever found to be universally correct for any amount of time.  And so, we allow ourselves to break it all down again to give us something to do in building it back up, and so on and so forth, until there’s nothing left which can be rebuilt. 

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Death on Vinyl

I’m still waiting. What will our legacy be? A friend of mine posted something on social media that reminded me of this post. It seems as a relevant thing as ever to continue to consider. The things we prioritize have no intrinsic value. If it continues, all we will leave behind is the wreckage of selfishness and possibly still not enough cash in a 401K to cover the monetary debt of our choices, but definitely not enough to pay the debt of conscience that the future will be forced to feel because of those same choices. If the soul is a reality, we’ll be leaving ours here with our counterfeit morality.

Joseph D. Newcomer

I’m waiting for that record scratch moment when something so insane and horrible happens that the whole country stops and goes “OK, wait, this is not cool!” and we can all agree on a more reasonable compromise for the better.

It may be too late. We may be past our ability to be affected as a race. You cannot change the world with words that the masses refuse to hear or believe based on antiquated traditions. We pan the solutions and stagnate progress for fear of being obsolete, unnecessary, unneeded, unwanted. We are ironically obsessed with our legacy while, at the same time, we build one we will surely be ashamed of whether or not we will ever have the courage to admit it. 

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