We, Robot

Is Automation Ruling the Nation?

If you’re worried about how it’s going to be when robots take all of our jobs, don’t. It already happened. Call any customer service line & see if you feel like you’re speaking to an actual human being with empathy who’s not programmed to a mindless script from which they cannot stray. We’re all robots already.

The day will come when we need do nothing. It will be our choice to enrich our own lives with self-fulfilling endeavors or slumber under the alluring blanket of boundless consumerism to the end of doing only more nothing.

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  1. While I agree that no one likes to speak to a robot, there is certainly a place for robots and automation in business. When done well, it can improve the customer experience. Besides, customers do generally have the same questions so helping businesses answer the FAQs in a more “natural” way, has its benefits.

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