Diet Justice

Thoughts on the “Supreme” and the Supremely Corrupt

In truth, it was a callow, pathetic passing of responsibility, so that those who stood to lose votes for their party by making an actual decision wouldn’t have to be accountable for the outcome. Regardless of where you stand on the matter, it was a weak shift of a once, rightfully or wrongfully, assumed responsibility by sad, agenda-obsessed, money and power-grubbing dirtbags. It’s all so much worse and more disgusting than we may fully realize in our initial gut reactions. It was a practice in false neutrality, risk assessment, and mitigation of loss of power, money, control, election seats, and the padded and privileged lap of golden luxury in which our elected officials are shamefully showered. Diet Justice–now with all the power and none of the accountability.


    1. It’s a game of pass the buck. These people are in a position to make difficult decisions, not to find ways to worm out of making difficult decisions. If their choices make them unpopular and they lose their opportunity to make decisions, that’s the point. If you choose to represent ideas that a majority of voters disagree with, you’re not an accurate representative of those people. They know this, so doing nothing is more beneficial than alienating voters. It’s gross.

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