In Defense of Unpopular Opinions

(Further main character advice to himself from the outtakes of Diminishing Return)

In defense of unpopular opinionIf you feel the need to justify your thoughts and feelings by bringing attention to the fact that they are popular opinions agreed to by a large percentage of society, please keep in mind the many other undesirable and numerous things also considered to be popular. It may also merit your care to try to not say a lot of people feel… know that just saying, “I feel” holds the same amount of water. Consider if your opinion might stem from fear and if that fear is the reason you feel the need to justify it. If you don’t believe your thoughts can stand alone, maybe it is for the best to hold onto them until you reason them enough to feel the confidence necessary to express them without the need to immediately throw yourself into the mob mentality of the masses. You wouldn’t do that, knowingly, in so many other scenarios.

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