Octothorpe Oblivion

There is no point in distinguishing lies from the truth once it is all confined to perception. Minds made up to believe or reject without regard for evidence cannot be persuaded by even their own personal witness. Accept what we prefer, reject all else, this is the motto of our time, as it was in so many eras before. Even in obvious repetition, we lack the wherewithal to see that every time a group of intrinsically fallible humans decides their way must be the only way at any cost, the cost is always greater than that which we can stomach, and no way is ever found to be universally correct for any amount of time.  And so, we allow ourselves to break it all down again to give us something to do in building it back up, and so on and so forth, until there’s nothing left which can be rebuilt. 

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  1. Reblogged this on Joseph D. Newcomer and commented:

    #Oblivion We are not doomed to repeat the past; we choose to. The defining similarity in all of humanity is the belief that we are all so very different that we could never truly coexist. It is the most defiling of self-fulfilling prophecies.


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