The Advancing Retreat

With each passing age, the shift in life’s necessities prompt the specialization of strength in different areas, different muscle groups, different ways. First, it was the legs, then, the back. The hands and mind followed shortly thereafter. The latter, the ever-evolving intellect, it would prove to be sufficient enough to change the world a way in which we would no longer need to think. These bodies would give way to obsolescence, leaving only the primitive muscle memory twitch which weakens as the time between phantom limb sensations grow. The ease we gave life was our finest accomplishment and our most inescapable confinement.  A gradual slide, the falling action of our fate, our big brains lulling us into the ease of permanent submission. We won’t even need to open our eyes to consider ourselves part of what we’d call humanity. We are apparitions who have served ourselves so well, we never need be served again. So ingenious, in fact, that we have found a way to not do or be anything. This is the direction in which we blindly evolve, retreating to the most basic form of simplicity, nothingness.

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